CCC Fitness Closure Updates

March 16: To encourage social distance and decrease the rate of disease spread, CCC Fitness will be closed effective Tuesday, March 17. Stay tuned on this website for status updates as they come.

March 18: Still closed but look how clean and organized our kettlebells are!

March 19: Join us on instagram starting March 23 11:30 AM every weekday for our live class. Weekly class schedules will be posted Sundays at Noon on Instagram and sent to your email Monday morning at 7:00 AM

March 20: Don’t forget to check your email for details on our online wellness programming that we will be offering in the upcoming weeks.

March 23: All soft/absorbent pieces of small equipment have been disinfected on the fitness floor. We are slowly making our way through the equipment in the studios. Yay cleaning!

March 24: Our first live class went off without a hitch yesterday and we are excited to continue our live classes on Instagram. The studio weights look so shiny now they’ve been cleaned and sorted.

March 25: We want to take this time to recognize the hard work of the Cadillac Fairview Operations Staff, GDI Cleaning Staff and Building Security & Life Safety Staff during this time of crisis. They are going above and beyond to maintain the building to it’s high standards as well as making sure we are compliant with Health Canada’s Guidelines.

March 26: If you haven’t yet joined us live or watched our videos on Instagram or Facebook, come check it out or use our video stream to keep in shape while you’re at home.

March 27: Stay tuned for news on our April Wellness Challenges coming to you here on our website.

March 30: We have started stretch break reminders at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. If you want a reminder email directly sent to our inbox, contact or else follow us on Instagram to have the reminders added to your feed.

March 31: It took some time but our yoga blocks have all been disinfected. We hope to host you soon in our yoga classes with our fresh and clean equipment.

April 1: Today is the kickoff of our online challenges. If you haven’t yet heard about them through the weekly newsletter or the Tenant Contact email, contact for details on how to join.

April 2: Don’t forget to register for the Ergonomics Presentation on April 8th at 12:00 pm which we will be hosting on Zoom.

April 3: The facility is so empty without our members. We miss you all!

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