Commuter Challenge Week – June 5-11, 2016

Next week is Commuter Challenge Week in Canada – are you up for the challenge?

Commuter Challenge:

  • is a week-long event during Canadian Environment Week (June 5- 11, 2016)
  • is a friendly competition between Canadian cities and workplaces
  • encourages Canadians to leave their cars at home
  • rewards walking, cycling, carpooling/ride-sharing, taking transit and telecommuting
  • celebrates active and sustainable transportation
  • is locally hosted by City Coordinators who support workplaces

How it works:

  • You register your workplace before the Commuter Challenge week (June 5 – 11, 2016) and yourself any time before the end of the challenge.
  • You walk, cycle, carpool, take transit or telecommute during the event week
  • To be included in the final results you need to make at least one sustainable commute during Commuter Challenge week; of course you can commute sustainably every day
  • You log your commute by first signing-in. Login once your workplace is registered or sign-in as an individual/unaffiliated.
  • On your log page, you will see your impacts adding up
  • As a workplace coordinator, you will see all of your workplace results and impacts.
  • Tracked impacts are emission reduction, calorie consumption, distance and fuel cost savings
  • Results are updated daily so you can see which workplaces and cities have the highest percentage of healthy commuters

Check out for more details!

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