Winter 2017 DEMO Classes

Try before you buy!  Test out our qualified instructors to ensure that each class is a perfect fit for you!  DEMO classes are FREE and registration is first come, first get as space is limited.  Check out the classes descriptions and times below and register in the CCC Fitness Centre with me via email by Monday, January 9, 2017.

CYCLE – Monday, January 9 @ 11:30 am with Jon (45 min) 

Come and experience indoor cycling with these fun but challenging classes.  Let our instructors motivate you through a variety of drills at varying intensities.  Learn proper pedaling and riding techniques.  These classes are open to all levels of fitness as you are in charge of tension levels and pacing.  You’re guaranteed to leave feeling exhilarated! (maximum 10 people)

YOGA FOUNDATIONS – Monday, January 9 @ 4:30 pm with AJ (60 min)

Everything built on a strong & stable foundation is beneficial. With a focus on the foundations of mind, body and breath work. You will learn the fundamentals of Yoga and deepen your alignment, posture and breath control. Yoga Foundations will explore basic breathing techniques, Sun Salutation sequences and relaxation techniques, while emphasizing form and postural alignment. (maximum 20 people)

BODY BLAST – Tuesday, January 10 @ 12:30 pm with Jen (45 min)

A total body muscular conditioning class designed to increase your strength and endurance. Using an assortment of props and weights, along with continuous, intense movements, you will redesign your body into one that is sleek and toned! (maximum 15 people)

BALLET BARRE – Wednesday, January 11 @ 11:15am with Heather (60 min)

Tone your legs, strengthen your core and improve your balance through basic ballet barre work. Elements of Pilates, yoga and fitness will also be incorporated to give you a well-rounded workout. Get ready to feel long, lean and graceful! (maximum 20 people)

EXPRESS CORE Wednesday, January 11 @ 12:30pm with Jen (20min)

Come and work on functional exercises that stimulate the abs and back, and balance muscles by getting you to move in ways that require a full body effort every time! (maximum 16 people)

VINYASA FLOW YOGA – Thursday, January 12 @ 11:30 am with AJ (60 min)

An energetic class that synchronizes breathing with movement!   With dynamic flowing sequences, you will focus on alignment while building strength, flexibility, balance and concentration.  Everyone is welcome; participants are encouraged to work at their own level. (maximum 20 people)

TRX Bootcamp – Thursday, January 12 @ 12:45 pm with Elise (45 min)

Harness your potential and get hung-up on one of the most innovative pieces of fitness equipment around: the TRX. It’s designed to build power, help with balance, overall strength, stamina and flexibility all while being suspended.  This class will also incorporate other equipment including free weights, tubing, stability balls and the BOSU to target all muscle groups.(maximum 12 people)

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