Reopening Procedures

Effective March 8, 2021 members are asked to wear mask for their entire visit inside the fitness centre and to select low-intensity exercise that will not cause heavy breathing inside our facility. High intensity exercise is still permitted in personal training sessions and while exercising outdoors.

Our Code of Conduct:

**If you have a cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath or feel unwell, please do not enter the facility for 10 days or until symptoms subside (AB standard)**

*If you have traveled outside of Canada, you must self-isolate for 14 days. Should you become ill, continue isolation for 10 days following the appearance of symptoms or until symptoms subside.*

  1. Wipe Twice before and after use including the entirety of the fitness equipment, your phone, TV remotes and door handles.
  2. Wash Your Hands before and after workout or use hand sanitizers before and after your workout.
  3. Maintain 2-Metres distance between you and other members at all times. Maintain a 3-metre distance during high intensity workouts
  4. Remain Within your Assigned Area (cardio block, weight area, stretching spot) for the duration of your workout.
  5. Do not use any cardio equipment that is blocked, unplugged or turned off.
  6. Take all personal effects with you, as items remaining will be disposed of.
  7. Notify the on-site manager if any public health guidelines are not being followed.

Booking your appointment time

Members must pre-book their workout out time on our member portal. All current members possess an account on the portal. Email Alison if you have forgotten your login and password.

Once in the portal, purchase the “Zone Selection” service. You will be required to acknowledge and sign the code of conduct before the service is activated. You can then “Book a Zone”

Entering the facility

When you come for your assigned appointment time, you will be greeted by the staff and asked 2 pre-screening questions: have you traveled internationally in the last 2 weeks? Are you feeling well today? Please note that if you are experiencing any potential COVID-19 symptoms, you should cancel your appointment.

As you travel through the common areas of the facility, such as the front desk area and the change room, wearing a mask is highly recommended as 2 metres separation between members cannot be guaranteed. Once you have arrived in your workout zone, you may remove your mask to workout.

Change Room Use

Cleaning products have been supplied in the change rooms for your use. Please remember to wipe down any surfaces that you interact with.

There will be no towel service, please bring your own towel.

Lockers have been blocked off to ensure proper distancing. You can bring your bag onto the fitness floor if you do not want to leave it in a locker.

If you choose to have a shower at the facility:

  • You must have showered and left by the end of your allotted hour.
  • After showering, spray down the shower with the disinfecting spray before you leave.

Zone Use

You can use whatever equipment that is in your zone, please remember to wipe before and after use.

Please ensure you have left your zone a minimum of 10 minutes before the end of the hour to allow for the 10 minute disinfecting time our cleaning product requires.

Safe Passage

Signage and floor decals have been placed in the facility to minimize the risk of entering other people’s 2 metre bubble.

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