Facility Changes in July

Effective Thursday, July 1st, card access will be reinstated at the facility. Per City of Calgary Bylaws, masks are still required indoors but are not required while working out. This means that until the bylaw is lifted, you are still required to wear a mask in the hallways of the CCC building as well as our locker rooms. You can find out more about the bylaw here.

A capacity limit will remain in place for the near future due to identified pinch points in our facility such as the narrow width of the change room. As a result, our online booking system will still be active for you to reserve your spot.

It is your prerogative to continue wearing a mask or remove it once your are permitted. Regardless of your decision, respect the decision of others during the ongoing pandemic. If you are asked to give space to another person while in the facility, respect that request as we all are coming back to the facility with different levels of comfort around other people.

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