May Wellness Challenge

May 4-29

Wellness Passport: Around the World in 20 Days

Stamp your passport by completing one of the two options given to you relevant to each international location.

Additional challenge: get a stamp for each pillar of wellness (mental, physical, financial, social, community) each week for twice the points.

Enter here.

Day 20: Calgary

Financial Challenge: Shop Local

Social Challenge: Get social with friends, potentially on a patio with beers.

Day 19: San Francisco

Mental Challenge: Do a puzzle

Financial Challenge: Get the entrepreneurial spirit and make a business plan for your dream job.

Day 18: Australia

Social Challenge: Reconnect with friends or family either virtually or at a safe distance in public.

Community Challenge: Protect our vulnerable population by following all physical distancing guidelines as set out by our health officials.

Day 17: Nepal

Mental Challenge: Meditate for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Physical Challenge: Do a workout with a weighted backpack or go for a hike.

Day 16:Japan

Physical Challenge: Do 50 Sumo Squats.

Community Challenge: Try a new activity or food from a different country.

Day 15: Iceland

Physical Challenge: Go for a hike

Social Challenge: Be vulnerable with a loved one and ask for help.

Day 14: Scotland

Mental Challenge: Listen to music as a strategy to relax

Community Challenge: Build your community ties by volunteering your time, money or resources.

Day 13: England

Social Challenge: Share a pint with a mate.

Financial Challenge: Scour your house for all your British pounds and foreign currency to prepare to exchange in your next international trip.

Day 12: France

Mental Challenge: Learn practice a new skill (art, music, language, woodworking)

Community Challenge: Tour a virtual museum or world landmark.

Day 11: Greece

Physical Challenge: Eat a healthy meal. The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world.

Financial Challenge: Work on a budget to last you the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

Day 10: Turkey

Community Challenge: Regardless if you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist or Hindu, celebrate your community and your beliefs.

Financial Challenge: Consolidate some debt.

Day 9: Morocco

Financial Challenge: Shop Local

Physical Challenge: Climb a sand dune by doing 5 minutes of mountain climbers.

Day 8: South Africa

Mental Challenge: Take a drive to clear your mind. Bonus activity: Try and spot animals in the wild along your drive.

Community Challenge: Stand up to discriminatory behaviour to avoid oppressive situations like the apartheid.

Day 7: Chile

Mental Challenge: Hang out in your Patagonian yurt and do nothing but take a moment to appreciate the gift of your preset moment. We suggest stargazing.

Social Challenge: Grab a bottle of Chilean wine and share a meal with your loved ones, in real life or virtually.

Day 6: Peru

Physical Challenge: Simulate working at altitude and get breathless by doing a High Intensity Workout

Social Challenge: Learn about your heritage by talking to family members or researching your genealogy online.

Day 5: Belize

Mental Challenge: Take some time to read or journal.

Financial Challenge: Work on planning your savings plan to meet your long term goals such as owning property abroad.

Day 4: Costa Rica

Mental Challenge: Take a trip to your mental beach through visualization and use that time to let the stresses ebb away so you can refocus.

Social Challenge: Join a social group that supports one of your hobbies (cooking, hiking, surfing, travel…)

Day 3: New York

Physical Challenge: Celebrate Broadway by singing or dancing.

Community Challenge: Take a virtual tour of a museum for an injection of culture. The tour of the Guggenheim is amazing!

Day 2: Canadian Rockies

Physical Challenge: Go for a walk or a hike around your home. Maintain physical distance.

Social Challenge: Share your favorite spot to hike, camp or visit in your outdoor playground.

Day 1: Calgary

Financial Challenge: Buy local to support our local economy

Community Challenge: Donate your time, money, clothes or bottles to a charitable cause.

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