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Did you know that with your Calgary City Centre Fitness Membership comes free access to Optimal?

What is Optimal? Optimal is an online database of free live exercise classes and wellness events.

Purpose: To help you to succeed with your health & wellness goals in anyway possible. Some of our members are working hybrid schedules & some are back to the everyday travel of normal life. Whatever stage you are at; we want you to be able to fit in some stretching or a workout into your day to help you be successful. We know that you can’t always make it to the gym or sometimes you need a bit of a push to motivate you. A live class may be the answer to are looking for. Three to six classes a day Monday to Friday. There are also monthly events to educate and broaden your knowledge on a variety of different wellness subjects. This month: Hydration Essentials on July 13th and Staying Sun Safe on July 20th.

If you have never logged in before please select forgot password and then continue. The email will be the same email on file as your what was provided for your membership. (Please note Optimal and the Calgary City Centre Database are two separate places.)

Bridget can be reached at if you have any questions.

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