What’s Going On In June?

June Hundred Challenge

We want to encourage you to get into a fitness routine! The 100 Challenge only take 5 to 10 minutes per day! Start off slow and slowly build through the month to get to 100 reps/seconds of 1 to 4 primary exercises. Check out the June Hundred Challenge post for more information or check out @cccfityyc on Facebook or Instagram!

Step Up Your Golf Game This Summer!

Warmer weather means more trips to the links!

Join us as we discuss how a few simple exercises can improve your spine, hip and shoulder mobility as well as help take a few strokes off of your game!

June 8 @ 4:15pm AT/3:15 PM ET/1:15pm CT & MT/12:15pm PT

Fuel Your Body For Maximum Results

Join Jacki as she discusses the important changes to make to your diet when starting or maintaining a weight lifting program.

She will also be answering your questions about carbohydrates, fats and proteins and how each is important for your overall health.

June 16 @ 4pm AT/3pm ET/ 1pm CT & MT/12pm PT

Email Bridget Rasmussen-Thorson at Brasmussen-thorson@livnorth.com if you have any question!

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