Exercise of the Month September: Adductor Wall Sit

Benefits of Adductor Wall Sit

The Adductor Wall Sit exercise is a safe and effective way to strengthen and stabilize the core, glutes, quads, adductors, and pelvic floor muscles. This improves pelvic floor, glute, & leg strength while helping to relieve & prevent low back pain.


Stand with shoulders resting against the wall and feet hip width apart at an angle about one and a half feet to 2 feet from the wall. You will know that you are in the correct foot placement when you slide your back down the wall to create a 90 degree bend with the legs; your knees will not go past your toes. Place a small Pilates ball or yoga block between your thighs. Squeeze to hold the block or ball in place. Engage you abdominal muscles to pull the tops of your hip bones closer to your rib cage. This will create pressure in your core, flatten your back against the wall, and will help to engage your pelvic floor. Push through your heel to allow for your glutes to help with the exercise and not just your quads. Relax your shoulders. Hold at the bottom of the exercise for the desired time before standing back up to the start position.


·Single leg lifts – Keeping the body in the 90 degree bent leg position, try to lift one left at a time while still squeezing the ball.

·Body weight Squats with an Adductor Block Squeeze – Instead of being against a wall try doing a regular squat with the block between your thighs. You will still get the benefit of your adductors and glutes working but you will be able to control the time at the bottom and the pressure on your knees.

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