What Going On In March?!?

It’s Nutrition Month! Below there is the Healthy Eating Photo Challenge and some Healthy Eating Recipes to inspire you to stay healthy this month. But that is not all that is going on. We have a new pop-up class on Monday March 13th and lots new on Optimal! If you require any additional information on anything below please contact brasmussen-thorson@livnorth.com.

For Nutrition Month: Here are two healthy recipes to add to your meal prepping repertoire!

New in Studio!

What’s New on Optimal?!?!

For Nutrition Month Optimal has two new nutrition inspired workshops and a bonus recipe for you to try! Workshops include Fit In The Kitchen – Egg Bites (March 8th @ 10:00 am) & Making Sense Of Food Labels (March 23rd @ 10:00 am). For more information or to register check out livnorthvirtual.com/event. Bonus recipe in honor of Nutrition Month is Toasted Chickpeas! Log on to Optimal to check it out!

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