What’s Going On In April!?!

There is a lot going on in April here at Calgary City Centre Fitness. Firstly, we would like to welcome Sonya Tanzos who will be taking over as the new manager of the facility as Bridget starts her Maternity leave. There will be a brief cross over of both women in the beginning of April for training before we say goodbye to Bridget April 14th. If you have any questions regarding the facility please contact stanzos@livnorth.com.

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? Throughout this month try to take a step back and take care of yourself. In honor of this, CCC fitness will be posting relaxation tips, breathing tips, & supportive workouts to help you take care of number one for a change.

What’s New With Classes?

There is a new Spring Group Exercise Schedule that starts this Monday April 10th! On this new schedule we have a new class: Cardio & Core Express with Sonya, Mondays from 12:15 till 12:45 pm. This new class the perfect blend to help you tone up while increasing your endurance and strength. Other benefits to the class include less back pain & improved posture.

At the end of April we have a new pop-up class coming: Kettlebell TRX Fusion with Sonya! This one time only class with be on Thursday April 27th from 11:20 till 12:05 pm. For more information contact Sonya at stanzo@livnorth.com.

Lastly, an announcement, the multi-purpose studio will be unavailable Tuesday April 18th & 25th from 11:15 till 12:00 pm due to a Private Class booking. If you are interested in booking a private class for your group please contact Sonya at stanzos@livnorth.com.

What’s New On Optimal?

The Amazing Race is back on Optimal! This challenge runs from April 3rd till April 28th. To register go to virtual.livnorth.com.

If you are looking for tips on nutrition & healthy eating; Optimal has got your back! There are two new workshops that focus on budgeting for the health enthusiast and we have added last months workshops to the on demand content just in case that you missed them!

April also bring the second module of Foundations of Focus starting April 15th. This module will focus on eating. Check out Optimal today to get started! Optimal is free for all Calgary City Centre Members!

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